AmazingHiring - Best of 2018: 42 Must-Reads for Recruiters

Best of 2018: 42 Must-Reads for Recruiters

We know you’ve been busy all year sourcing the best candidates and constantly growing your recruiting superpowers. The whole sourcing community, meanwhile, has been creating great content which can’t go unnoticed! Let’s take a look back and see what we have achieved together in 2018.

We’ve prepared a collection of materials which we think are worth paying attention to. Enjoy!

Sourcing on unobvious resources

We have expanded the horizons of sourcing and discovered new resources to find ideal candidates.

How to Source from Podcasts with FluidData by Dean Dacosta

How to Source Candidates on WordPress by Jan Tegze

How to use Quora for recruitment by Jonathan Kidder

The Secret of Sourcing on by Jan Tegze


Find and Hire Tech Talents

We have polished our skills in filling the most difficult positions.

How to Find and Hire a Blockchain Developer by StackOverflow

How to Find and Hire a UX Developer by StackOverflow

Defining DevOps Culture and Using It to Better Source Candidates by Nidhi Jain

How to Source Scrum Masters Online by Trish Wyderka


Tech Interviewing

We have mastered our core competencies and have been constantly learning from each other to create best practices.

Tech Interview Handbook by Github community

My Lesson from Interviewing 400+Engineers Over Three Startups by Marco Rogers

Watch Technical Mock Interviews with engineers from Google Linkedin and More


Sourcing Skills Boosting

We have developed and learned new sourcing techniques to meet and overachieve our KPIs.

Sourcing Game 12 by Jan Tegze: Find Your Voice and Inspire Others to Find Theirs

Sourcing Hacks by AmazingHiring

BARS – Playbook Facebook by Marcel van der Meer

Easy Strings to Find Code Authors by BooleanStrings

The Most Complete Guide to Finding Anyone’s Email by Timur Daudpota


Candidate Sourcing Strategies

We have made the sourcing process even more strategic and taken it to a whole new level.

The Strategy Behind Job Requisitions and Sourcing Candidates by Tom Weinert

Building a Proactive Sourcing Strategy by Jonathan Kidder

Four Strategies for Sourcing Top Talent by Kandace Miller

5 Common Sourcing Mistakes in 2018 by Ben Foster

Candidate Sourcing Strategies to Build Your Talent Pipeline by IQTalent


How to source passive candidates

We have invented new ways to successfully engage with passive candidates, make our email outreaches stand out and increase open and reply rates.

The Secret Language of Sourcing by Textio

12 Ways to Keep Passive Candidates Alive by Jonathan Kidder

Crafting Engaging Emails to Candidates by Yves Greijn

10 Ways to Improve your Email Outreach to Passive Leads by Jonathan Kidder

4 Psychological Techniques to Make Cold Email A Little Bit Warmer by Dimitar Stanimiroff

Want your Email Seen? 16 Spam Filter Rules to Avoid by Boomerang


Sourcers’ and Recruiters’ Productivity

We have been trying new recruitment tools and hacks to boost productivity and focus on what really matters – candidates.

Productivity Tools to Help Sourcers Stay Organized by Jonathan Kidder

10 Best Appointment Scheduling Apps for recruiters by Jonathan Kidder

Top 4 Productivity Tools for Recruiters by Kristina Martic


Sourcers’ Inspiration

We have been sharing our stories and vision to inspire each other and strengthen the sourcing community.

Sourcing Challenge Show Episode with Sjamilla Van der Tooren

Sourcing Guru Interview: Iker Jusué

Top Characteristics of Great Talent Sourcers by Jan Tegze


Recruiting Reports and Research

We have been analyzing the market trends to build our sourcing and recruiting strategies in a meaningful way.

Developers’ World Reports by AmazingHiring

Developers Survey 2018 by StackOverflow

11 Tech Talent Relocation Trends in 2018 by Andrew Stetsenko

Recruiting Benchmark Report by Jobvite

2018 Tech Recruiting Report by HackerRank


Recruitment Marketing

We have become more competent in other relevant spheres of knowledge to bring the best to recruitment.

The Definitive Guide to Recruitment Marketing by Beamery

Fortune 500 Report: 2018 Recruitment Marketing Benchmarks by SmashFly

The Power and Importance of Storytelling in Recruitment by Jan Tegze

How to Influence People Through Different Content Formats by Jan Tegze

Let’s thank each other and make a new year resolution to never lose this momentum and be even more effective in 2019.

Let it source!

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