Sourcing Summit Europe 2018: main trends and best reports


Recently, we have attended one of the largest European events for recruiting professionals – Sourcing Summit Europe in Amsterdam. Our business development manager Yulia Kuzmane shared her impressions on the trip.

Atmosphere and organization

We have been to Sourcing Summit several times. Each year the hosts maintain the high quality of the event. Among the speakers, there were top experts and leaders of the sourcing community. The geographical representation of participants became more diverse, we saw quite a lot of new faces.

Traditionally, Sourcing Summit is a meeting hub for like-minded sourcing professionals. Even volunteers at the summit were specialists working in the field of HR. Excellent networking activities and parties deserve special recognition. By all means, the atmosphere in Amsterdam was amazing.

Main advantages of the conference: a great number of new speakers, a variety of workshops and training master classes, during which the experts offered ready solutions for practical issues. The amount of up-to-date professional information available at the summit was so impressive that enterprises sent their whole sourcing teams to this event.

Sourcing Summit Europe

Main sourcing & recruiting trends 

Following the event, we can name several hot trends discussed in the sourcing community:

    • The number one topic is, of course, sourcing automation. Specialists from all over the world need efficient approaches and tools for tackling this challenge.
    • Growth hacking. In a world of fierce competition and an acute shortage of personnel in many industries, improving work efficiency is becoming a key task.
    • Training sourcers. Sourcing as a knowledge area emerged only recently, so no time-tested training materials are available yet. At the same time, there is a huge amount of information on the Internet, but navigating these diverse resources is not easy. Strategies for specialist training is a hot topic of late.
    • Regional differences in sourcing approaches is another popular discussion trend. Nowadays, sourcing is in especially great demand in Asia.
  • Convergence of jobs. Recruitment gradually absorbs the features and properties of different professions. For instance, a modern sourcer must be knowledgeable about coding to construct advanced search queries and scripts, sales to pitch his company or project, and marketing to work with the community.

Best reports

Jan Tegze on gamification in sourcing

Gamification is the integration of game mechanics to motivate people to perform acts in non-game contexts. The gamification principles are often implemented in various IT products, including social apps like Nike+ Run Club.

Jan demonstrated how the application of game-design elements can improve the efficiency of recruitment. For example, an element of competition makes corporate training seminars much more engaging, and website Easter eggs help to hire better candidates.

Balazs Paroczay on sourcing best practices

Balazs Paroczay described some practical methods of enhancing the sourcer’s efficiency. Here are some useful tips:

    • It is necessary to formulate the desired result more clearly. An example from the presentation. If a sourcer needs to contact IBM Sales managers in the RSA, he or she should put the additional keywords like “phone”, “e-mail” or even the country calling code “+27” in the search query to get the result at once.
    • Sourcers must implement the PDCA approach (Plan, Do, Check, Adjust). In other words, the sourcing process should be iterative: after receiving the first results, it is important to analyze them and mark false positives. After modifying the query, the two results should be compared again – and so on several times in a row.
  • The use of natural language is very effective. It is easy to find the resume of the person you need via Google if you can imagine how they describe their experience. Putting phrases like “was managing a team” in the query while specifying industry and location will increase chances of success.

Glenn Gutmacher on sourcing automation

Glenn Gutmacher is one of the founding fathers of modern sourcing. At SOSUEU he spoke about using bookmarklets, special JavaScript commands that add new features to the browser and are stored as browser bookmarks, for solving recruiter’s tasks.

For example, he demonstrated how to create a bookmarklet to search for email addresses on a specific domain or a list of users who are certain groups. Glenn also recommended two useful tools: BookmarkletCombiner and MrColes.

Amazing Hiring and EPAM on running successful hackathons

Yulia Kuzmane presented a report together with Kirill Kozhemiakin from EPAM. They shared the experience of running an internal hackathon in EPAM by AmazingHiring. This event pursued several goals. In addition to the “standard” task of improving the morale of the employees and conveying the corporate values, it was necessary to increase the team performance by motivating them to acquire new knowledge. Moreover, the ideas which had emerged during hackathons were then implemented in real-world projects.

Hackathons can be very effective for achieving various business objectives, and companies of any size can run them. The key element of success here is the support of colleagues and good tasks which will help to develop the sourcing skills. The presence of stakeholders, who are directly interested in a positive outcome, boosts the overall engagement during the hackathon. So, it will definitely be a good idea to stimulate active participation by presenting the winners with some corporate presents, for example.

Sourcing Summit Europe 2018

Pros of participation in SOSUEU

This conference provides a unique opportunity to meet the best of the best in the sourcing industry, share experiences, get feedback and learn how professionals from other countries solve similar tasks. Moreover, in a short time, you will master a lot of workable tools to improve your productivity and results.

That’s why, see you on the next Sourcing Summit!

Sourcing Summit Amsterdam


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