Updated AmazingHiring interface
We’ll never get tired of making AmazingHiring better, and today we are pleased to show you our updated interface. Sourcing with the help of our search engine has become even more convenient and effective! Menu and the search output page The main menu is now on the left and there’s more...
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AmazingHiring is integrated with Mixmax
We’ll never get tired of making our product better for you. Now AmazingHiring is integrated with Mixmax. Few words about Mixmax Mixmax is a popular email automation platform for Gmail and soon for Outlook as well. With the help of it, you can easily create and schedule sequences, track emails and...
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Main system updates for 2017
We’ve prepared a quick guide about system updates for the past year. We’ll tell you how a “similar candidates” block is formed, how the comment search is designed, which countries make up the “European Union” location and also about the new vacancy status...
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An option for managing vacancies in the system!
We continue listening to our customers and adding new functionality! This time, there are many changes. Together with an updated interface we have added the long awaited option for managing vacancies in the system! Now, AmazingHiring features the “Vacancies” section where each company...
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Skills and achievements
We are glad to announce our system update: this time it is about searching real stars! We have developed new types of ranking, gave away the medals to the real GitHub and Stackoverflow superheroes and collected all the achievements and skills in the full card of the candidate. Ranking It is now...
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What’s new in AmazingHiring!
    Skills sources   You often ask us, how is the block with skills being formed. Now the answer can be found in the system: just click on the particular skill or technology and you will see the source. Information about the companies Now users have access to information about...
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