How Laurel & Yanny have been looking for a machine learning engineer: search output
Have you been missing Laurel & Yanny? Here they are going on with their search of machine learning engineer! In this episode, they are proceeding to the next level – working with the search output. If you’ve forgotten how Laurel & Yanny have been creating a search query, follow...
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How To Convince Your CEO to Start Using AmazingHiring
Leaders and C-level executives are very often those who are behind every important decision about purchasing new sourcing tools. You will love our tool, but leadership want to get the answer on “How many candidates we will have thanks to the AmazingHiring?” We know that executives are...
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How Laurel & Yanny have been looking for a machine learning engineer: search queries
Meet Laurel & Yanny, professional IT recruiters! Today we’ll tell you a story about their machine learning engineer search. Laurel and Yanny have just received a new vacancy to work on. Here it is: Wow! Doesn’t look like an easy task. Laurel & Yanny use AmazingHiring to find...
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How to Get the Most Out of AmazingHiring Trial
Today we’d like to introduce you to a strategic approach to AmazingHiring trial. Probably, everyone has been in a situation when the free service trial period has expired, but you have no clear idea whether you should become a customer. We’ll help you to avoid this issue by sharing tips...
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Personalizing emails with AmazingHiring
We’ve already talked about email personalization when it comes to passive candidates and explained why it is important. However, even being aware of the importance of personalization a recruiter cannot always find the time to thoroughly study candidates’ background. Let’s be...
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How to Make AmazingHiring Emails Always Reach Your Inbox
We at AmazingHiring, not only develop world’s best tool for recruiters, but we also share our knowledge in our blog and send a popular newsletter on recruiting. Now, the number of our subscribers is approaching 6000, but a lot of them have recently complained that our letters don’t...
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AmazingHiring is a New Tech Talent Search Engine
Sergey Dmitrichenko is CEO and co-Founder of AmazingHiring. Sergey started his career in tech recruitment in 2006 after graduating from a leading Russian technical university (Bauman Moscow State Technical University). In 2011 Sergey founded recruitment agency “GMS” – nowadays one...
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