Hired in 20 Minutes, or 15 HR Tech Tools to Source 100%

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Do imagine those ancient times without Google, Facebook or LinkedIn. How did tech recruiters survive? What did they do to source stars? We have no idea. We’d rather google it. Or ask people on Facebook and Quora.
All in all, technology is the king now, and there’re four riders still knocking on HR’s door: Diversity and Employee Engagement Issues, followed by Inbound Marketing and Candidate Experience.

We can’t help you to cope with all of them at once though we found really great tools to bring you closer.


Evolved from the top IT recruiting problem – how to save time on verifying candidates tech talents (if you ask your best developers to test someone each time, you waste their productive hours that means money), Devskiller now imitates your natural working environment to comprehensively check someone’s programming skills. No, they don’t spend hours talking to juniors and leads instead of you but offer a savvy platform to exam people online as if they joined your project already. Here you can create various exams (or choose predefined ones) assessing candidates skills with: programming and SQL tasks, code review challenges, multiple-choice tests and so on. The main thing is Devskiller allows you to offer libraries and frameworks you use at your company to see how people cope with them as well. The system automatically checks code quality, also scoring multi-choice tests and programming tasks. You get all the detailed reports and here you are – just choose the best pros for an interview.


Kira Talent

A smart application tool that helps you know candidates much better in 20 minutes.

When coding skills assessment isn’t enough, and you want to see how tech pros communicate and present themselves, use Kira video application service. Here you don’t need to worry about scheduling conflicts or time zones (a huge international interview problem, isn’t it?): an interactive application component allows to make fully customizable landing pages, welcome and closing videos, and thought provoking video questions. People don’t need to write essays, and you’re free of their endless CVs – you record or upload a bank of questions, specify the amount of preparation and response time for each question – for example, to see how applicants think under pressure.

Though initially made for academic purposes, Kira has multiple interview formats and often used by various businesses. Besides branding options, it allows seamless workflow and selection, including applicant scores appended to their profile in your current CRM.

The Gender Decoder

Here is our gender diversity improver, offering you to start this process with your job ads.

Quite a peculiar service that really works. To find out whether your job ad language is feminine, masculine or gender neutral, you just need to copy the entire text of such ad, paste it into the text box provided, and press Check this ad button.

Here you are! Based on your content, the Gender Decoder will then tell if you verbally appeal towards a female candidate, a male candidate or both with no specific ‘code’.

For instance, we’re looking for a Java Software Developer:


– and the service says that our ad is feminine-coded:



Another web-based test tool useful when you need to create multiple online tests and test forms of any kind – from Choose a Correct Answer or True/False quizzes, rankings or exact matches, essays writing or typing speed tests to video applications and yes – coding. So, you create your company test center, customization and corporate identity allowed.

Of course, all tests can be timed, scored, and candidates may skip or review questions at the end of their session.

You get tests results instantly by email after you assign customized assessments to specific candidates and they complete their tests. You can review candidates and archived assessments, and download a PDF with a report – or export data you need into Excel or CRM, or use REST API for integration.


A quite popular startup allowing recruiters to book an appointment with any candidate at a time that suits both using Google calendar. You can watch candidate’s booking greed on their website, Facebook, or get it via email – if they publish or send it, of course. You (or they) may change your mind, and both will get email or SMS/text message notifications.

Besides, you can always reschedule your appointment for another time, and YCBM will change it automatically.

Friendly with iCloud calendars and Gmail, it offers you to choose candidate’s minimum and maximum length of booking, exchange questions, knows your and their time – so you’ll automatically see candidate’s availability in your timezone.


Know Your Worth and LinkedIn Salary

Glassdoor’s Know Your Worth and LinkedIn Salary give you a chance to estimate a correct compensation budget knowing current competitive salaries, and after negotiate with your candidates successfully, in details.

Both salary tools are comparative – people see how much money other people make within the same position and/or territory, for instance. Peculiar that Glassdoor has even embedded LinkedIn Salaries, and now you may see it here.

With this extremely popular know-your-worth trend, other services like ZipRecruiter and Indeed have also added the ability for job seekers to check their relevant salaries.

Boon vs Simppler

Many sourcers consider referral recruitment software useful, so we’ve found two good services – Simppler and Boon.

Both use semantic matching algorithms to find and engage your best talent. For example, in your organization’s collective network, Boon proactively identifies the absolute best-fit candidates (they say they use machine-learning capabilities for it).

It also prefers engage people through gamification and “intuitively knows who to ask” – thus Boon identifies the best passive talent in your network’s social graph and automatically engages the right employee to refer, “creating a consistent and quality talent flow”. Team members just get messages if there’re any matches and can send a necessary referral in seconds. Besides, this smart tool has revenue tracking capabilities.

As for Simppler, it does the same, also promising to find your company’s unique DNA. So, Simppler machine learning systems learn from you and your employees “to find the referrals that are closer to your DNA. Every time you accept or reject a candidate you are training the system to fit your needs,” it founders say.


This wonderful Chrome extension will help you to speak or write in the way your chosen candidate prefers. It gives real time advice what to say and which communication channel to use when addressing a certain person. How? Crystal aggregates and analyses public data from a variety of platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail. Then, it creates unique personality profiles for every person, so after you install it, click Crystal section under candidate’s LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter profile. It’ll redirect you to their Crystal website profile for advice.

Within Gmail, Crystal says how to compose and phrase your email to boost your candidates’ response rate.


Having a free Crystal account, you also may analyze candidate’s text on LinkedIn (it follows by communication advice) and search for contacts and person analysis right from the message box.



Logically, your brilliant and appealing message won’t work if you don’t know candidate’s email.

So here is another Chrome extension promising to instantly find any hard-to-reach candidate’s email and contact details (phone number, for instance). Its AI engine searches LinkedIn, other social media sites and public web exporting (if needed) LinkedIn profile information and contact details to CSV or Google Spreadsheet. They say every contact is triple verified and 97% accurate.

Gorgias Templates

Well, the last of our Top 3 useful Chrome extensions is an email/text message template assistant. What’s the point here?

It allows you to set keyboard shortcuts and create completion patterns to compose emails much, much faster. Just make a template for every repetitive part of your email or text message – and enter them when needed (season’s and personal greetings, welcome phrases, attachment notes, etc.).

Gorgias Templates work with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, LinkedIn, Facebook and more.

AngelList  and F6S

AngelList now is mostly not a crowdinvestment platform but a place to find and publish some startup jobs. There’re enough savvy tech pros to find – and they’re more active than usual. Same is F6S, the biggest global startup community where major part are tech-savvy people.


You’ll need Portfolium to hire top-ranking college students, both pre-qualified interns and new grads – there you can get fresh data on your future tech stars.



Here you can get free list of tech talents sent to your inbox weekly.

According to founders, it’s a “members only hiring platform, granting select employers 72 hour access to fully vetted technologists”, so you can search among prescreened candidates yourself. InterviewJet talent managers promise to screen each of their candidates “to assure quality, availability and commitment”, and everything is free including interview requests until you hire someone. Then you need to pay a flat fee of $9500.


Future is here, HiringSolved engineers said, and created a Siri-like hiring assistant that communicates and learns from working with humans. Probably, she’s a bit arrogant, sourcing top talent with TalentFeed search engine only. At least, it’s a first chatty Recruiting AI, and, as we foresee, there’re more to come.

They say it mostly provides recruiters with detailed insights about companies, skills, title concentrations and specific people that can be sorted based on location, gender and more – focusing on diversity. For instance, if a recruiter wants to know Google’s male-female ratio, RAI’s engine analyzes every employee working for Google, predicting their gender with an error rate of ~3%, and computing the ratio. Though this hiring manager of the nearest future is still in test mode.

A toy or a tool? You’re to decide. And while we don’t have enough robot sourcers, you can always try



We can’t avoid mentioning our service, as it’s a really powerful search engine for IT recruiters.

AmazingHiring takes data from 50 sources arranging each person’s details into one explicit candidate’s card – so you can immediately see possible ways of communication, professional achievements and assessment of their technical skills.

We use Big Data and Machine Learning algorithms to evaluate each developer, analyzing both their code and ratings on professional sites. Each CV you upload here automatically links to developer’s social profiles, so you get a live realtime CV, always knowing where your candidates work and what skills they improve.

Manage job openings inside the system: create positions, select developers for them, advise any candidate to your colleagues, etc. Besides, AmazingHiring does market analysis, giving you, e. g., a list of specialists who worked (and now work) here or there, from which companies people often come and where exactly they go, etc.

You may try it right now leaving a demo request here


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