Hiring Success Europe: the future of recruiting begins here

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On the 19-20th of September, in the heart of Europe, the Hiring Success conference will take place. We can’t miss 2 days of inspiration, innovation and learnings together with famous thought leaders and latest startups.

Today we want you to get acquainted with the story of the conference. We interviewed Roy Baladi – one of the organizers of the event. He told us about the Hiring Success mission, geography, key topics and why it is different from other recruiting conferences.


Roy Baladi

How and when did you/your team come up with the idea of organising a Hiring Success conference? What were the triggers for this decision?

We realized that after 5 years of existence, we had become a decentralized company. We had 3000 customers from over 100 countries on Smartrecruiters and 400 partners connected. So it became an initiative to bring everyone together to go deep on topics that are near and dear to our hearts. This was the genesis of the Hiring Success Conference.

What is the target audience of the conference? 

Global/regional Heads of Recruiting and HR and innovators. You’ll also find candidates with exceptional stories, specialists from different fields such as Branding and AI, and specific recruiting teams who are doing exceptional work like the team at Bayer responsible to train and hire refugees.

What is the mission behind Hiring Success conference?

Our goal is to help organizations operate at a higher level, be more inclusive, and innovative. We do it by gathering the best minds on earth to deliver provoking sessions and workshops with tangible takeaways.

Tell us about the conference geography. Do you have any further plans for expansion to other countries/ continents? 

The conference geography reflects SmartRecruiters’ client footprint. Our roots are in San Francisco, so we started there. Europe quickly became a huge adopter of our product so we’re inaugurating our first Hiring Success in Berlin. China and Australia are pushing us further east, but that’s down the road. But we’re focused on each step in the journey. Berlin’s creativity is unmatched which allows us to craft a unique experience there.

How do you usually select speakers and reports? What are the key topics for Hiring Success 18 in Berlin? Why did you choose these topics?

Our three topics are:

  • Inclusion
  • Innovation
  • Hiring Success

We go deep into the topic of Inclusion (hiring people with autism, who were in prison, refugees, blind, deaf, trans, and of course gender biases and most importantly, age-ism) because it brings the human back in the equation and reinforces the main reason most of us joined recruiting in the first place.

Without innovation, we’re obsolete. Most recruiting leaders don’t get the chance to learn about programmatic advertising, innovative sourcing tools like AmazingHiring, see bots in action, learn how to measure the quality of hire or even how AR and AI apply to recruiting. We’d like them to expose it all in a show.

Hiring Success is a stage for recruiting leaders who shine in one area of recruiting to share their expertise with their peers. How to extend your company brand to recruiting; How to motivate a remote workforce; How to manage hypergrowth and an IPO; and how to build internal career pathing… topics that elevate the People Function.

What other conferences do you usually attend? And why?

I usually attend HR Tech and Unleash and some major conferences. I’ve also found local meetups and workshops to be incredibly effective to go deep into a single focused topic.

What makes Hiring Success stand out among other HR conferences?

The content. The theme of talks is “Show, don’t tell”, so every session is meticulously crafted to elicit empathy and interaction so the audience walks away inspired and empowered with new tools.

Can you formulate the main reason for attending Hiring Success 18 in one sentence?

You’ll walk away from the conference with a more thoughtful perspective on hiring, a renewed sense of passion, and the tools to bring these lessons back to your organization.




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