Global Sourcing Championship

December 3rd
5 PM (GMT)

Teddy Dimitrova

Recruiter, Talent Manager

Teddy is freelance recruiter with the passion to talent management. She is professional conference speaker and Sourcing Games contributor.

Michiel Wiersema

SoSu and SourceCon Hackathon Champion

Michiel is well-known sourcing lover! Specializing on the technical recruitment, Michiel has profound knowledge of the sourcing tools and hacks.

What Is Sourcing Hackathon?

Sourcing Hackathon is an online game where any sourcer, beginner or pro, can compete, show their sourcing power and learn new sourcing tricks!

Our masters have prepared tricky questions and tasks to pick your brain and boost your sourcing skills. 

The time is limited and only the fastest wins! 

The event has ended.


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