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Go Beyond LinkedIn
Get instant access to 600,000,000 profiles worldwide aggregated from 50 resources
AI-Powered Sourcing Solution
Unique AI-powered algorithm that creates a pipeline list of the most relevant candidates for your roles
Contact Candidates Directly
Engage candidates in a compliant way and reduce the time spent on sourcing of their contacts by 50%

Sourcing Platform Built
For the Modern Recruiter

Search Across 50+ Networks

Source candidates across all major social networks and professional communities like Github, StackOverflow, Kaggle, etc. with few simple clicks

AI-Powered Automated Sourcing

Find employees for hard to fill roles faster with AmazingHiring AI-technology

Discover Candidates Professional Background

All information about candidates gathered from multiple sources organized into one profile per candidate

Hire Faster

Use publicly available contacts to reach out to the best candidates directly before your competitors do

Create Targeted Messages to Candidates

Build personalized communication with potential candidates based on their professional background

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Accelerate your sourcing with our free extension and find candidate’s social profiles with one click.

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Why Our Customers Love Us

AmazingHiring provides me with variety of handful information about the candidates and helps close more than 10 open tech positions per month!
Ivan Gusev Recruitment Team Lead at Revolut
With the help of AmazingHiring we are able to source candidates on the non-obvious resources. And thanks to that, our response rate is higher than 55%
Nikolai Kabatsikov Head of Talent Acquisition at Bolt
AmazingHiring aggregates search results from multiple platforms and saves time spent on hiring process. It helped me complete 5-7 projects instead of 1-2 in the same amount of time
Piret Luts Head of International Talent Acquisition at Nortal
Amazing Hiring is my go-to tool when starting any search globally - the ease of use and ability to search across multiple different social and professional networks make it the top tool of my sourcing technology stack
Mark Lundgren Global Talent Sourcer, International Speaker
We have crazy demand for Java developers. AmazingHiring helps my team achieve our hiring KPIs. The most valuable feature for me is smart filters for search queries
Kyrylo Kozhemiakin Global Talent Sourcer at Lilium
I would recommend AmazingHiring to my colleagues for 2 reasons: firstly, it’s the most comprehensive tech recruiting tool out there today, and, secondly, service level is super high!
Karen Azulai Founder and Global Sourcing Expert at HRTech Nation

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Use AmazingHiring to source and hire the best software engineers, QA engineers, data scientists, UX/UI designers, and other technical specialists across social networks and professional communities with few clicks.
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