Sourcing Hacks: Volume 3
Boost your hiring productivity with our Amazing Hacks! Welcome to another portion of the coolest hacks & tools for tech sourcers and recruiters collected by AmazingHiring! Time is money – let us show how to make the hiring process faster. In this part you will find some unique tips useful...
Sourcing Hacks: Volume 2
Boost your sourcing toolkit with our Amazing Hacks! AmazingHiring team is back with a second Sourcing Hacks set! This is a collection of ready-to-use hacks applicable to fine your tech sourcing strategy. You will learn how to use some practical recruitment tips that will instantly improve your...
Sourcing Hacks: Volume 1
Boost your recruiting power with our Amazing Hacks! AmazingHiring is here to make your tech talent sourcing easier and faster! Our team collected 25 ready-to-use sourcing hacks for IT recruiters that can strengthen your sourcing strategy significantly. Download the presentation to learn: How...