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  1. What is AmazingHiring?
    AmazingHiring is a search engine for recruiters looking for the best technical talent in the software industry.
  2. What kind of candidates can I find via AmazingHiring?
    Software developers, data scientists, machine learning specialists, designers, etc.
  3. Is it a free product?
    There is a free functionality of our Chrome Extension (showing links to other profiles of a person). However, our flagship product - the search engine - is not free. Email to to get a quote.
  4. In which browsers does AmazingHiring work?
    We highly recommend using Google Chrome as the main browser. Our search engine might work in other browsers as well. The plugin [Chrome Extension] works only in Google Chrome.
  5. On which websites does the AmazingHiring extension work?
    GitHub, StackOverflow, Kaggle, Twitter, Dribbble, Behance,, LinkedIn, Facebook, and others (the list is constantly growing). The Chrome Extension activates when you look at people’s profiles on these websites.
  6. Candidates from which countries can be found in AmazingHiring?
    Mainly, from the United States and Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus). Also, you can find great candidates from UK, Europe, Israel, though, the coverage for these countries might not be 100%.
  7. Was the product reviewed by someone I might know?
    You can check the review by Dean Da Costa here. You might know Dean because if his webinars and Twitter activity.
  8. Who are your customers?
    We have more than 100 business customers including big ones (e.g. Microsoft and one of the largest social networks in the world headquartered not so far from our office in SF Bay Area), and smaller ones (e.g. high-growing startups like WePay). A common trait that unites all our customers is that they are all looking for the best software talent.
  9. Can I meet someone to learn more? Where is your office?
    You can email us ( to schedule a video call or a meeting in person (our office is in SF Bay Area).