Sourcing on Clubhouse: Everything You Need to Know (the article is updating)
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NB! Clubhouse is a brand new social network, and the information in this article might be not up-to-date. However, AmazingHiring takes great care in keeping this article fresh, so please check the date of the publication to know when the last review has been made. Let’s start! What is Clubhouse,...
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Hackathon by AmazingHiring & SourceCon: answers
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The Spring Stage of our online sourcing championship was unforgettable! The collaboration with SourceCon made this hackathon very special for us and for the participants. Thanks, everyone, you’re great! Right now we are ready to reveal the secrets of hacking our sourcing tasks. If your...
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European Online Sourcing Hackathon: answers
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It was truly legendary! Couple weeks ago we held the first European Online Sourcing Hackathon and right now we are ready to reveal the secrets of hacking our sourcing cases. If you know other ways to tackle these problems, don’t hesitate to share them with us. Task 1. I’ve heard about a...
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