David Galley

New talent sourcing techniques are only efficient if you implement them among the first ones in the field. To help you stay ahead of the curve, AmazingHiring in partnership with David Galley, a sourcing practitioner and the Director of Training Programs Sourcing Certifications, shares hacks for finding hidden talent who are not overloaded with other […]

Dalit Gliksman

2022 makes recruiters go above and beyond to recruit tech candidates. AmazingHiring in partnership with Talent Acquisition Managers from Workiz Inc. and Incredibuild have discussed how to attract IT specialists in this challenging year. Watch the recording of the event if you’re struggling with recruiting IT candidates in a highly competitive market. See what practices Dalit Gliksman and Ortal Katsva use […]

Ellen Hinkley

Time management is everything for recruiters, which is why AmazingHiring in partnership with PhantomBuster gives you a workshop about automation to help you cut the time spent on monotonous work. Watch the workshop to learn more on how to automate recruiting processes that you deal with on an everyday basis.

Mark Tortorici

Some tech vacancies are really tough to source candidates for, and that’s when even experienced recruiters may need advice. That’s why we asked Mark Tortorici, a Recruiter & Sourcing Manager with 15+ years of experience, to demonstrate the tactics he uses to find technical candidates.  Mark works as a Recruiter & Sourcer Training Expert for […]

Yaroslav Doronin

A case study is always a good source of learning, so we invited Yaroslav Doronin and Hung Lee to discuss the recruiting cycle of the fastest-growing European startup Bolt. Watch the webinar to learn about Bolt’s recruiting strategy, how they automated their recruiting process, how to keep in-house recruiters motivated and happy, and so much […]

Irina Shamaeva

Github is not only the best place to find tech talent, it also looks like it was built for it. GitHub is a “Sourcer-friendly” website. In this webinar, Irina Shamaeva, a recognized leader in Sourcing, Social Recruiting, and Internet Research, goes over myriad ways to source on Github. In the webinar, you will learn how […]

Jan Tegze

This year, the whole world changed. Right from sourcing and screening, to showcasing company culture and providing onboarding experience, everything has become a remote process for many businesses. In this webinar, Jan Tegze and Eva Baluchova discuss the emerging trends and share the best practices to handle the remote recruitment processes.

Hung Lee

Hung Lee, curator of the Recruiting Brainfood newsletter shares his approach to contact and engage tech candidates. Hung also gives recommendations on how to assess IT talents. 

Mark Lundgren

AmazingHiring launched a new Q&A segment: “How Do I Source Tech Candidates?” with the best sourcers from all over the world. Mark Lundgren was our first guest. 

Yulia Kuzmane

Sourcing now is the main way to get more information about a potential candidate. It makes communication faster and more productive. Still not all IT recruiters source, so if you do – then you surely have a competitive advantage.