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Update your ATS in one go.
Enrich incomplete data of tech candidates.
Get the most from your Github, Stackoverflow, Linkedin network.


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“Incredible solution for any recruiting team that cares about getting the maximum potential from the existing database”

Marcel van der Meer


“Use AmazingHiring Data Enrichment feature to find and update information about the candidates in your ATS"

Jiri Herodek

Accolade Technologies

“Data enrichment allows me to run complex searches and find candidates that are “hidden” from other recruiters.”

Viktor Soroka


“After updating my ATS data I could find interview-ready candidates who match the current job openings. Amazing tool!”

Anna Golubchenko



More Tech Hires
From Your ATS


More Information
About Tech Candidates


Less Time Spent
on Active Sourcing

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Import a CSV file with incomplete data on candidates you want to enrich: email, phone number, links to social and professional networks
Enrich the contacts with the fullest up-to-date information from 50+ sources

Access the enriched profiles in AmazingHiring folders or export the enriched profiles

When to Use Data Enrichment


Update your candidate database regularly

Enrich lists of conference or meetups attendees

Get the most from your LinkedIn network


Data enrichment feature is designed with privacy as its core and search engine indexes and uses only publicly available information

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