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On-demand sourcing is delivered by the professional team of sourcers and powered by AmazingHiring platform

Get a hand-picked shortlist of 150 candidates resulting in 2 new hires


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Save up to 90% of time previously spent on sourcing
Your shortlists would return up to 80% reply rate
Let us know if diversity is a KPI and we will deliver

When would you oursource you sourcing?

You have an open position and no time
to source for qualified prospects
You need to map the market for a skill or technology in a specific location

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Here's how Sourcing Outsourcing by AmazingHiring works

Requesting a service
Send us a request and we will be in touch in 24h to confirm the project scope and timeline.
Our sourcing team creates a shortlist of candidate profiles inside the AmazingHiring system.
We can change up to 25% of candidates after calibration.
Use AmazingHiring inbuilt messaging system to create personified email sequences, get responses straight to your inbox.

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150 Qualified Candidates $3,450
500 Qualified Candidates $10,400
1000 Qualified Candidates $18,900


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Our cutting-edge sourcing technology

AmazingHiring is an AI-based aggregator to source passive IT candidates across the web. It finds people profiles from 50+ networks like GitHub, StackOverflow, Facebook, Kaggle, etc. and provides recruiters with candidates’ professional background, contacts, social footprint.