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The Allyance Upgrades Diversity Hiring in Tech with AmazingHiring


“Thanks to using AmazingHiring diversity function, we were able to ensure that half of our hires last year were women”

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How Venchr automated email outreach with AmazingHiring


“We used to handle email outreach manually, and AmazingHiring is a game-changer for us”

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Within 6 months, Talentful reduced time spent on sourcing by 50%  


“Great for tech hires! For the last year, all my successful hires of software engineers happened with the candidates found in AmazingHiring”

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AmazingHiring helps Bolt to hire 100 Senior Engineers in Romania and Estonia


“With the help of AmazingHiring we are able to source candidates on the non-obvious resources. And thanks to that, our response rate is higher than 55%”

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AmazingHiring helps ABBYY decrease sourcing time by 50%!


“AmazingHiring decreased the time spent on sourcing of candidates’ contacts by half. As a result, we are able to dedicate our time to more strategic tasks”

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Tech Startup Hires 4 Software Engineers Within Two Weeks With AmazingHiring


“With AmazingHiring it was very easy to find contact details of engineers as well as the examples of their code. We managed to hire new software engineers as well as build a talent pipeline for the future hiring needs”

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STRV Boosts its hiring process with AmazingHiring


“As such, the profiles found by AmazingHiring are very accurate we had the candidates’ response rate of 75%”  

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