AmazingHiring - Features
Search Engine
Fast Candidate Finder
Type your requirements and get a pool of candidates from 70+ sources in one go.
Candidate Pre-Assessment
Assess candidates' actual skills and experience pulled from social and professional networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, GitHub, Stackoverflow, etc.
Direct Contacts
Reach out to candidates using their publicly available contacts like emails or social media profiles.
Prospect Management
Vacancy Folders
Shortlist candidates and track the recruitment process as a team.
Hiring Manager
Provide your hiring manager with candidates profiles for screening and receive instant feedback on them.
Talent Mapping
Mark candidate profiles with tags and save time for your team while managing the candidate pool or sourcing for another job role.
Messaging Platform
Email Templates
Create, personalize, and share templates. Use automatic variables and team access for faster outreach.
Email Sequences
Send or schedule email campaigns with follow-ups to never leave a candidate without attention again.
Email Campaign Tracking
Measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns and discover the best strategy for candidate outreach.
Data Enrichment
ATS Data Update
Upload profiles from your ATS to Data Enrichment and update all the information from your existing candidate database.
Data Enrichment
Enhance the profiles sourced from conferences or scraped on social media.
Hidden Stars
Find candidates that are not visible on LinkedIn through other social platforms and be ahead of the game.