Candidate Sourcing and Outreach Automation with PhantomBuster & AmazingHiring

Ellen Hinkley

Time management is everything for recruiters, which is why AmazingHiring in partnership with PhantomBuster gives you a workshop about automation to help you cut the time spent on monotonous work. Watch the workshop to learn more on how to automate recruiting processes that you deal with on an everyday basis.

Duration 40 min

The Webinar Contents

In this workshop, Ellen and an AmazingHiring expert discuss:

– sourcing on LinkedIn and Github;
– finding candidates’ contact info, reaching out to them;
– getting a better response rate;
and more!

Top recruitment skills
Remote recruitment strategy
Emerging trends on the market

Learn more about the automation of routine recruiting tasks and save your precious time for main tasks.

The workshop will be useful for colleagues
in charge of HR, Recruitment, and Talent Acquisition.

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