Diversity and inclusion in the workplace bring many benefits and opportunities to the company. Implementing the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategy will help to build top teams with diverse talent that will push a company to more success. 

Studies have shown that companies with diverse teams have higher financial returns. Moreover, diverse companies are more likely to get top talent and their employee satisfaction is much higher compared to others. 

Diversity recruiting technology assists companies in creating an empowering environment for people from different backgrounds. Diversity hiring tools simplify the hiring process and make it balanced. 

What is diversity recruiting software?

Diversity recruiting software automates the process of manually sourcing qualified candidates for current and future open positions. This software helps recruiters and other hiring professionals effectively manage diversity hiring initiatives in the company. Diversity recruiting tools remove unconscious bias that candidates may face during the recruiting and interviewing processes. 

This type of software, for example, may use AI technologies to make job descriptions better, identify skilled candidates, etc. Usually, diversity recruiting solutions are integrated with applicant tracking systems (ATS) or recruiting automation software or job boards.

Diversity recruiting software provides many benefits, including: 

  • Supporting companies in their DEI strategy and diversity hiring initiatives;
  • Getting rid of unconscious bias in the hiring process;
  • Implementing certain filters to eliminate any information that can influence hiring decisions.

The solutions for diversity recruiting often provide the needed tools for redacting any information that might be used against a candidate. This information usually includes name, background, gender, and education. With features that distribute unbiased job descriptions, and organize applicant data, it’s much easier to ensure the hiring process is diverse. 

Diversity hiring technologies help recruiters to source, retain, and engage candidates from underrepresented groups based on race, gender, ethnicity, etc. This plays a great role in creating strong diverse teams in the company.

It’s good to use diversity recruiting software as part of diverse recruiting practices in the company. They serve as a great support to promote the company’s DEI initiatives. 

Goals for using diversity recruiting software 

Diversity recruiting software may offer a variety of features that remove bias from the hiring process and ensure a diversified talent pipeline.

Here is a list of features and tools that such software may offer:

  • Diversity sourcing in general. These help to identify top candidates from a variety of underrepresented talent groups based on gender, race, ethnicity, etc.
  • Identifying unconscious bias. The software includes features that are aimed to make the hiring process unbiased. With them, you can identify, manage, and remove unconscious bias from processes, such as candidate sourcing and interviewing.
  • Better interview and review process. With diversity recruiting software you can manage the interviewing and reviewing processes and help hiring managers and interviewers reduce unconscious bias. This makes the hiring process fair and balanced.
  • Data and analytics tools. To track the effectiveness and progress of diversity initiatives, you can use data and analytics tools. By analyzing the collected data, HR departments better understand their diversity sourcing efforts and what needs to be done to improve the results. 

Diversity recruitment software provides all of the needed tools that HR professionals may use throughout the whole hiring process.

Types of Diversity Recruiting Software

Diversity recruiting software is getting more and more popular among HR professionals. Different diversity recruiting solutions offer various sets of tools and features. That’s why the company needs to identify its goals for using this software. It will help to narrow down the list of features the company may need for an unbiased recruiting process.  

Many solutions also offer add-ons, additional paid features, which you might need as the company’s DEI strategy evolves. Here are some types of diversity recruiting software:

Blind pre-employment screening 

You can get pre-employment screening tools that include job-specific skill tests, gamified recruiting tools, and performance audition challenges. These can help to match candidates with the right jobs based on their performance. Pre-employment screening tools impact hiring decisions and ensure that the candidate gets the offer based on the skills and qualifications and doesn’t suffer from bias.

Candidate evaluation 

Some diversity recruiting solutions also offer the ability to build an unbiased candidate evaluations process. Having an already determined candidate evaluation process allows hiring teams to avoid biased interactions between candidates and interviewers. 

Diverse candidate sourcing

Diverse candidate sourcing tools help HR departments find highly qualified candidates from underrepresented groups. Hiring managers’ search is based on candidate’s skills, ethnicity, and gender. 

Job description software 

Some diversity recruiting solutions improve job descriptions that HR departments craft. There are certain words that are commonly used in job descriptions that have male or female associations. This results in attracting candidates based on gender. 

Job description software goes through job descriptions and checks pronouns, gender-charged words, superlatives, etc. Also, this tool verifies if a certain number of requirements are met.

Employee referral 

Employee referral solutions improve the talent pipeline by encouraging employees from underrepresented minorities to refer people from their friend circles and other personal networks. 

Job boards 

Job boards provide the needed platform for women, veterans, Latinos, African Americans, LGBTQ+, and other underrepresented groups.

All these tools impact a company’s diversity and inclusion efforts. By using them, HR departments are exposed to more qualified talent pools. Making sure that the company is engaging and recruiting diverse talent results in business growth and innovation.

How AmazingHiring’s platform approaches diverse sourcing

Diversity filters

AmazingHiring’s sourcing automation platform provides a diversity filter feature that allows you to quickly find the best candidates from underrepresented groups. You have several sections under the ‘Diversity’ category that include underrepresented ethnic groups as well as other minorities.

diversity sourcing software

If you do not have the filter ON, you can ask your manager to let you check it out. You can request a detailed overview of how the platform works if you are not a user yet. Just fill in a short form on our website to request a demo.

Blind hiring mode

AmazingHiring platform’s features also include the blind hiring mode which can be switched on by recruiting managers any time. This helps recruiters focus on candidates’ qualities and experiences instead of those characteristics that never matter for the job.

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