Sourcing Guru Interview: Wolfgang Brickwedde
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German recruiting community leader Wolfgang Brickwedde answered the questions of our interview. Wolfgang Brickwedde has a profound expertise in recruiting and employer branding, he is the founder of the Institute for Competitive Recruiting, speaker, and large-scale industry projects...
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Sourcing Guru Interview: Kasia Borowicz
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Polish sourcing community leader Kasia Borowicz answered the questions of our sourcing guru interview. Recruiting trainer, blogger, community builder and conference speaker – she has many interesting thoughts to share! Enjoy!   You define yourself as a social recruiting geek, networking...
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C-level Interview mit Stefan Rosenwald
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Heute haben wir was Besonderes in unserem Interviewblogbereich vorbereitet. Diesmal C-Level-Profi – Stefan Rosenwald, Geschäftsführer von Daimler Protics. Viel Spaß und lasst Euch inspirieren!   Data Driven by Passion – das ist das Slogan von Daimler Protics. Könntest du uns...
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C-level Interview: Stefan Rosenwald
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Today we’ve prepared something special in our interview blog section. This time we are sharing the success story of a C-level professional – Stefan Rosenwald, CEO of Daimler Protics. Enjoy and get inspired!   Data Driven by Passion – that’s the slogan of Daimler...
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Sourcing Guru Interview: Jonathan Kidder
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Jonathan Kidder, the founder of WizardSourcer blog, author of Linkedin Revealed, and a dedicated sourcing professional answered the questions of our interview. You define yourself as a mentor, speaker, and author. Speaking about career aspirations, as a kid, what did you want to be? I was really...
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Sourcing Guru Interview: Aaron Lintz
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We will not keep you waiting for the next Sourcing Guru Interview! Happy to share the one with Aaron Lintz – speaker at major sourcing conferences, community leader and Sourcing Challenge Show moderator. Enjoy! How did you start recruiting? Why are you still there? My first exposure to...
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Sourcing Guru Interview: Guillaume Alexandre
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Excited to share the interview with Guillaume Alexandre, a famous sourcing community leader, founder of Gates Solutions, and sourcing competitions winner. Enjoy! Your Twitter alias is @Mr_Sourcing. Looks like you are the perfect candidate for our blog section. How did you start sourcing? Why are...
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Sourcing Guru Interview: Karen Azulai
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We go on with our sourcing guru interview blog section and are excited to share the story of Karen Azulai! Karen is the famous thought leader of the sourcing community, she speaks at all the major conferences and has a unique expertise.  She told us about her background, first public speaking...
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Sourcing Guru Interview: Ivan Stojanovic
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Ivan Stojanovic, formerly known as Irish Recruiter, answered our tricky questions!  His success story is exciting as he is a devoted HR Tech innovator and changes the recruiting world. Enjoy! You characterize yourself as “Scrum Master of Recruitment Innovation”. What does it mean?...
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Sourcing Guru Interview: Balazs Paroczay
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One of the most famous sourcing community thought leaders answered the questions of our interview. Balazs Paroczay told his career story and shared his sourcing philosophy. Enjoy! You have nearly fifteen years of sourcing experience under your belt, how did you start? What inspires you about this...
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