Our trip to Hiring Success in Berlin
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Recently, we have attended the recruiting conference Hiring Success in Berlin. It was a very inspiring experience and also a great opportunity to learn and network. Our business development managers, Anna Trubitsyna and Asmik Sargsyan, shared their impressions on the trip. Enjoy! *Anna Trubitsyna...
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Hiring Success Europe: the future of recruiting begins here
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On the 19-20th of September, in the heart of Europe, the Hiring Success conference will take place. We can’t miss 2 days of inspiration, innovation and learnings together with famous thought leaders and latest startups. Today we want you to get acquainted with the story of the conference. We...
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Our trip to the Sourcing Summit UK
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Last week, Nataliya Berezina, Head of Recruitment Group of GMS, the IT recruiting agency, returned from her trip to Sourcing Summit in London. She shared her impressions about the event with us. This year, more than 150 professionals from various European countries, including leaders of thoughts...
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First European SourceCon: what was it like
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Recently, we have participated in the largest sourcing conference SourceCon at a new location — in Hungary. In the follow-up of the trip, our friends and colleagues from GMS, the IT recruiting agency, Alexey Isaev and Maria Migunova shared their impressions and summarized most interesting...
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Phil Tusing about the Sourcing Summit: success story
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The next Sourcing Summit, the conference which brings together talent innovators from across five continents, will be held this June, on the 20-21, in London. For you to get acquainted with the story of the conference we have interviewed Phil Tusing, the founder of #SOSU. He revealed the secrets of...
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SourceCon Royale: how it was
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In February our friends and colleagues from the GMS recruiting agency Alexey Isaev and Maria Klimova visited the most famous sourcing conference SourceCon in Las Vegas. They told us the most memorable things about this trip and shared their thoughts on why it is worth attending. The atmosphere, the...
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SourceCon goes Europe
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The most famous sourcing conference SourceCon will take place in Budapest on 12-13 of June. It’s the first time the event will be held outside the US. For you to get acquainted with the story of the conference we have interviewed Kate Wilson and Shannon Pritchett, the organisers of the event....
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Sourcing Summit 2017: best reports and sourcing hackathon
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The Sourcing Summit Europe conference took place in Amsterdam recently. A whole conference fully devoted to sourcing – an amazing event for all the recruitment & sourcing enthusiasts around Europe! The AmazingHiring Team visited the Netherlands’ capital and took part in this event....
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SourceCon 2016: Of Source You Are!
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If an HR pro could take any Hollywood director’s seat, their first blockbuster ever would be “Harry Recruiter and the Sorcerer’s… pardon, the Sourcer’s Tool” (well, we all know the plot). Having no such option, we still have a chance to be impressed learning...
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#hruNewYork – People Analytics
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AmazingHiring attended the #hruNewYork – People Analytics, which was held in the E&Y’s office in New York on March 30. This visit continued the tradition of attending a series of GlobalHRU anti-conferences. As an introduction, it is worth mentioning a few words about the #hru format...
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