Hackathon by AmazingHiring & SourceCon: answers

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The Spring Stage of our online sourcing championship was unforgettable! The collaboration with SourceCon made this hackathon very special for us and for the participants. Thanks, everyone, you’re great!

Right now we are ready to reveal the secrets of hacking our sourcing tasks. If your success strategies were different, don’t hesitate to share them with us.

May the Source be with you!

Task 1. One of my (Iker Jusué) former colleagues gave me the nickname of Spanish Ewok (after a day of banter in the office). I mentioned about this on LinkedIn. How long did we work together? (full years)

Correct answer: 2 years

Go to Iker’s LinkedIn page and open his activities. In the posts section, you should find a post where “Spanish Ewok” nickname is mentioned. There will be a link to a page of Regan Black. Go to his page and check the years Iker and Regan worked together at Hudson.


Task 2. ObiWanKenobi seems to have a love for JS – I last saw him on Github but forgot how to email him. Can you help us find his Email?

Correct answer: oscarlandstrom@gmail.com

Use X-Ray: site: https://github.com/ “ObiWanKenobi” javascript

Click on the first link in the search output. There will be a link to the ObiWanKenobi’s personal website on the GitHub user page. In the contact information section on the website, you will find the email.

Task 3. A Senior Finance Manager of one of the worlds largest Cloud companies has a theory about who is Anakin Skywalkers father based on Data – who does he conclude is most likely Anakin’s father?

Correct answer: Qui-Gonn Jinn

Use X-Ray: “Senior Finance Manager” “Anakin Skywalker” father

You will find an article called “Anakin Skywalker HAD a father. And I can prove it with data.” The answer is in the article.

Task 4. Nobody knows that HanSolo is a java developer from Germany. Find the book he published in 2017.

Correct answer: JavaFX 9 by Example

Use X-Ray: “HanSolo” java germany

Click on the first link in the search output. There will be a link to the HanSolo’s personal website on the GitHub user page. You’ll see his book in the section on the right.


Task 5. We need to find this Scala padawan as soon as possible. Last time I saw him in Zagreb, then he disappeared. Help me to find his email

Correct answer: mladens42@gmail.com

Use X-Ray: “Scala padawan” Zagreb

Go to the LinkedIn page of Mladen Subotic. Follow the link to GitHub via free AmazingHiring Chrome extension. Find his GitHub username and enter it in the link:  https://api.github.com/users/username/events/public. Search for @ and get his email.



Task 6. Master Yoda was looking for someone in Cluj, and said “testing passionate about she is”. We understood nothing, but we have to find a number of her Coursera certificates.

Correct answer: 6

Use X-Ray: site:linkedin.com/in “passionate about testing” Romania

Go to the LinkedIn page of Oana Casapu and count her Coursera certifications.

Task 7. I met a gorilla on LinkedIn that told me that he worked in Star Wars that was aired in 1983. Can’t remember his name, I’m pretty sure it was related to a database… Can you find it?

Correct answer: Mongo Livingston III

You need to check which Star Wars film was published in 1983. Then you search on LinkedIn: gorilla star wars episode. You will find Mongo Livingston III (same name as MongoDB the database).


Task 8. The email of this senior build engineer from Prague with 15+ years of experience had been hacked 5 times, and the first time it was via gaming website. Find this source (website).

Correct answer: gamigo.com

Use X-Ray: site:linkedin.com/in “senior build engineer” prague

Go to the LinkedIn page of Patrick Maximilian Reister. Follow his GitHub page via AmazingHiring Chrome extension. Open one of his commits and add .patch to the end of the page address in the address bar. Search for @ and get his email.


Check the email on hacked-emails.com and find the needed website.



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