The Ultimate Search Engine for Technical Talents

Best developers don't polish resumes. They contribute to Github, post at StackOverflow, compete at Kaggle. Blog, code and impact communities across thousands of sites.

We gather millions of profiles, online activities, social connections and work histories. We crank through terabytes of web pages to discover real people and evaluate their true skills, cultural fit, and community influence. We deliver the precise and exhaustive search for industry leaders.

More candidates than anywhere

Unsurpassed number of qualified candidates

50+ Internet sources including social and professional networks, specialized resources for developers: Github, Stackoverflow,
Kaggle etc.

Consolidated profile

AmazingHiring recognizes disparate Internet identities leading to the same person and unites them into a “consolidated profile” containing skills, experience, and publicly accessible contacts.

Consolidated profile
Automatic qualification pre-screening

Automatic qualification pre-screening

State of the art machine learning algorithms automatically find and qualify candidates' skills,
online reputation and community influence.

Searching passive

AmazingHiring finds candidates who do not post resumes on job-boards or maintain profiles on LinkedIn and are never solicited by recruiters.

Searching passive candidates
Use Chrome Extention

Research candidates with
Chrome extension

This versatile utility enables recruiters to easily browse through prospect's key accounts across social and professional networks and qualify one's skills and fit

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