Sourcing on Clubhouse: Everything You Need to Know (the article is updating)
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NB! Clubhouse is a brand new social network, and the information in this article might be not up-to-date. However, AmazingHiring takes great care in keeping this article fresh, so please check the date of the publication to know when the last review has been made. Let’s start! What is Clubhouse,...
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Free Tools For Sourcing on Social Media in 2021
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Social media sites are valuable sources of information for any recruiter. This is especially handy when you have to navigate in a highly competitive niche like software development. There is a massive shortage of talent in this space so that to find and hire the right candidate, you have to be very...
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Best Email Automation Tools for Recruiters to Use in 2021
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How to set up the candidate outreach right Recruiting challenges of 2021 start at the very beginning of the pipeline — with the search for the right candidates. It’s not an easy task to complete, especially when there is a lack of specialists for certain technical jobs in some countries. Plus,...
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What Is the Best Recruiting Email Subject Line in 2021?
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We have surveyed our AmazingHiring fans and the sourcing community from all over the world about their favorite recruiting email subject lines that work best for the first contact with a potential candidate. We have picked the most popular and most creative ones. Enjoy the list and feel free to...
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Best of 2018: 42 Must-Reads for Recruiters
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We know you’ve been busy all year sourcing the best candidates and constantly growing your recruiting superpowers. The whole sourcing community, meanwhile, has been creating great content which can’t go unnoticed! Let’s take a look back and see what we have achieved together in 2018. We’ve...
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How to Get the Attention of Your Dream Candidates?
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  Will Sims A freelance talent acquisition specialist with a background in tech. Best known for being an early adopter of messenger bots in the recruitment space.   You’re more than likely to not regret reading this post. So, what’s this all about...
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What is the Difference Between IT Recruiting and Non-IT Recruiting?
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Author: Jiri Herodek Jiri is a tech-savvy IT Recruiter and Sourcer with 7+ years of experience in sourcing and recruitment across CEE and DACH region.  It has been more than 7 years since I have entered the world of talent sourcing and this profession has never stopped to captivate me....
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Recruitment Trends 2019: What Experts Say
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What will be the hottest topics, events, trends in the world of recruitment? We asked recruiting and sourcing gurus to share their predictions about what we should wait for in 2019.   “2019 will be the year of peacocking” David Galley, Master Sourcer at Sourcing...
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Sourcing Guru Interview: Tom Winter
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Excited to share a very special sourcing guru interview! Tom Winter, the Co-Founder of Devskiller, revealed the secrets of screening, testing and interviewing developers. How did you come up with the idea of Devskiller? What is the mission behind it? Have you ever tried Googling “technical...
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Top 13 Facebook & Linkedin Groups for Sourcers and Recruiters
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“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” And that’s why recruiters and sourcers like Facebook & Linkedin groups. These groups are not only a great place for learning and sharing...
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GDPR vs. Recruitment
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It has been almost 2 months since the General Data Protection Regulation came into force, but there is still some uncertainty in the interpretation of some of the new rules. The recruiting function is based on collecting and processing personal data, so today we would like to figure out what GDPR...
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How to Write Personilized Emails to Candidates with AmazingHiring
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We’ve already talked about email personalization when it comes to passive candidates and explained why it is important. However, even being aware of the importance of personalization a recruiter cannot always find the time to thoroughly study candidates’ background. Let’s be...
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Top Characteristics of Great Talent Sourcers by Jan Tegze
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Jan Tegze tells us about the characteristics of great sourcers. Enjoy and stay tuned for the next article from one of our inspirers! I was asked by AmazingHiring team during my interview “What makes a person a good recruiter?” My answer was: Curiosity and passion. And I strongly...
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Recruitment Networking on Twitter
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Evgeniya Ostroumova, a consultant at GMS IT recruiting agency, is a successful networker on Twitter. She shared valuable insights on the topic.   It is important for an IT recruiter to communicate not only with the potential candidates, but also with the professionals who have already been...
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Add online GlossaryTech to your recruiter’s toolbox
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One often hears developers complain about tech recruiters confusing Java with JavaScript, offering irrelevant vacancies, and so on. Either you’re a tech recruiter or a highly-skilled software developer, you can hardly keep pace with all of the updates that going on in the IT world every day. Even...
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Speed Is the New Savvy
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While businesses are moving faster from year to year, from month to month, employers are spending more time than ever filling open positions. The latest MRI Recruiter Sentiment Study says that for 37 percent of 446 recruiters surveyed, presenting job offers takes three to four weeks. According to...
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Techie Go
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It’s sweet sometimes to indulge in dreams of having a recruiting superpower, but not when you need to find a bunch of introversive tech professionals who are usually indisposed to apply for every position you offer. Dreams just don’t work there. Hence recruiters often call these ownable...
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How to Source Passive Tech Candidates
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It’s sweet sometimes to indulge in dreams of having a recruiting superpower, but not when you need to find a bunch of introversive tech professionals who are usually indisposed to apply for every position you offer. Dreams just don’t work there. Hence recruiters often call these ownable...
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