15 Sourcing & Recruiting Metrics: How to Measure Your Hiring Success in 2021
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Disclaimer: The article is created based on materials provided by Yves Greijn, Lead Engineering Sourcer (ex-QuantumBlack, now Miro), Neha Naik, CEO of recruitgyan.com, and Monika Nemcova (AIHR, ex-Content Marketer from harver.com) How do you measure your recruiting success? We have prepared an...
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Sourcing on Clubhouse: Everything You Need to Know (the article is updating)
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NB! Clubhouse is a brand new social network, and the information in this article might be not up-to-date. However, AmazingHiring takes great care in keeping this article fresh, so please check the date of the publication to know when the last review has been made. Let’s start! What is Clubhouse,...
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Sourcing Function: Trying to Resolve the In-House VS. an Agency Argument
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This is Part 2 of the Amazing Hiring’s “Guide for Building and Scaling Sourcing in Fast-Paced Organizations”. Here, we take a deep dive into aspects of building a sourcing function in your company and persuading your stakeholders to make solid strategic decisions and efficiently allocate...
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How hard is it to hire a female senior software engineer in Europe?
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How hard is it to hire a female senior software engineer in Europe? In search of an answer, we took a deep dive into our 600,000,000 candidates’ profiles database collected from 50+ open sources online.   Using this public data, we singled out senior female software engineers (those who have...
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Top Qualities of A Great Talent Sourcer by Jan Tegze
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This blog post is written Jan Tegze, a sourcer/recruiter, blogger, speaker, and book author with experience in full lifecycle recruiting. During my interview with AmazingHiring team, I was asked: “What makes a person a good recruiter?” My answer was: “Curiosity and...
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How AI-Powered Automated Sourcing Solution Can Save a Recruiter’s Day
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What Does AI Recruiting Mean? Adding AI to recruiting is a prospective practice of implementing artificial intelligence technology, like ML (Machine Learning) or complex algorithms of prediction, in order to enhance the hiring process and fill the open roles faster. With the variety of AI tools...
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Best of 2018: 42 Must-Reads for Recruiters
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We know you’ve been busy all year sourcing the best candidates and constantly growing your recruiting superpowers. The whole sourcing community, meanwhile, has been creating great content which can’t go unnoticed! Let’s take a look back and see what we have achieved together in 2018. We’ve...
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How to Get the Attention of Your Dream Candidates?
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  Will Sims A freelance talent acquisition specialist with a background in tech. Best known for being an early adopter of messenger bots in the recruitment space.   You’re more than likely to not regret reading this post. So, what’s this all about...
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Recruitment Trends 2019: What Experts Say
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What will be the hottest topics, events, trends in the world of recruitment? We asked recruiting and sourcing gurus to share their predictions about what we should wait for in 2019.   “2019 will be the year of peacocking” David Galley, Master Sourcer at Sourcing...
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The Secret of Sourcing on Airbnb.com by Jan Tegze
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We are happy to share a new article by Jan Tegze: Wikipedia describes Airbnb as a company that operates an online marketplace and hospitality service for people to lease or rent short-term lodging, including holiday cottages, apartments, homestays, hostel beds, or hotel rooms, to participate in...
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