Contributing author Jan Tegze Senior Recruitment Manager, Book Author
Talent Acquisition Leader with experience managing teams and establishing recruitment and sourcing processes. Jan has extensive experience in full lifecycle recruiting and broad knowledge of international recruiting, sourcing, recruitment branding, marketing, and proactive, innovative sourcing techniques. He is also a book author (“Full Stack Recruiter“), trainer, blogger, speaker, and the creator of Sourcing.Games and SourcingTest.Online.

Technical recruitment is a dynamic industry, where needs and trends are constantly changing. AmazingHiring team has introduced new features to bring even more value to recruiters and sourcers and make user experience better and more efficient. Let’s dive into them! Even more candidates to reach out to AmazingHiring database has expanded to include +24% profiles […]

This blog post is written Jan Tegze, a sourcer/recruiter, blogger, speaker, and book author with experience in full lifecycle recruiting. During my interview with AmazingHiring team, I was asked: “What makes a person a good recruiter?” My answer was: “Curiosity and passion”, and I strongly believe that. But what are the top characteristics of a great […]

Wikipedia describes Airbnb as a company that operates an online marketplace and hospitality service for people to lease or rent short-term lodging, including holiday cottages, apartments, homestays, hostel beds, or hotel rooms, to participate in or facilitate experiences related to tourism, such as walking tours and making reservations at restaurants. In short, you can let […]