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GitHub — Tech Recruiters' Paradise. Get a recording of our recent sourcing webinar with Irina Shamaeva here.
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Can’t wait to share the interview with Mark Lundgren, influential leader of the sourcing community. He told us about his sources of inspiration in recruitment and the amazing projects he leads. Enjoy! You are now working in parallel as a Global Sourcer at ThoughtWorks and as a Director at Videre Recruitment Solutions Ltd. Do you have […]

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Recently we interviewed Susanna Frazier who won the SourceCon Hackathon twice! Let’s hear her secrets of success. Enjoy! At the beginning of your career, you worked as an English teacher in Thailand. Was it a gap year? Tell us a little bit about this experience. And speaking about career aspirations, as a kid, whom did […]

We’ll never get tired of making our product better for you. As of March 2018, AmazingHiring is integrated with Mixmax. A few words about Mixmax solution Mixmax is a popular email automation platform for Gmail and soon for Outlook as well. With the help of it, you can easily create and schedule sequences, track emails, […]

In February our friends and colleagues from the GMS recruiting agency Alexey Isaev and Maria Klimova visited the most famous sourcing conference SourceCon in Las Vegas. They told us the most memorable things about this trip and shared their thoughts on why it is worth attending. The atmosphere, the best presentations, and the current trends […]

This time, we interview Iker JusuĂ©, the winner of all the major sourcing competitions. Do you want to know his sourcing superpower? Enjoy the reading! You characterize yourself as a “frustrated psychologist, aspiring technologist, amateur marketeer, professional networker & award-winning recruitment lead”.   Speaking about career aspirations, as a kid, what did you want to be? […]

We continue expanding our new blog section and are happy to share the interview with Matej Matolin, a recruitment expert with a striking background and superior expertise. Enjoy! How did you start recruiting? Why are you still there? I started my career in public relations. I was head of communication at an automotive factory. It was […]

A couple of weeks ago we held the first European Online Sourcing Hackathon and right now we are ready to reveal the secrets of hacking our sourcing cases. If you know other ways to tackle these problems, don’t hesitate to share them with us. Task 1. I’ve heard about a guy who is the most […]

We at AmazingHiring, not only develop world’s best tool for recruiters, but we also share our knowledge in our blog and send a popular newsletter on recruiting. Now, the number of our subscribers is approaching 6000, but a lot of them have recently complained that our letters don’t reach them. We solved the problem and […]

The Sourcing Summit Europe conference took place in Amsterdam recently. A whole conference fully devoted to sourcing – an amazing event for all the recruitment & sourcing enthusiasts around Europe! The AmazingHiring Team visited the Netherlands’ capital and took part in this event. Below we share our impressions and sum up presentations we have managed […]

If an HR pro could take any Hollywood director’s seat, their first blockbuster ever would be “Harry Recruiter and the Sorcerer’s… pardon, the Sourcer’s Tool” (well, we all know the plot). Having no such option, we still have a chance to be impressed learning useful things from real HR heroes. A good place to meet […]

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