Top 17 Facebook & LinkedIn Groups for Sourcers and Recruiters to Follow in 2022

By Yulia Kuzmane 26.01.2022 3 minutes to read

“Individual commitment to a group effort — that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” And that’s why recruiters and sourcers like Facebook & LinkedIn groups. These groups are not only a great place for learning and sharing knowledge. It is also a place where you can find like-minded people to become your mentors, friends, and inspiration.

Here is our list of must-follow Facebook and LinkedIn groups for sourcers and recruiters. Sure, you’ll find the ones that will bring you new learnings, connections, or just joy!

Please note, this list has been updated in January 2022.

Facebook Groups

Sourcers Who Code

Here you can learn to speak both Talent and Tech! Sourcing and Recruiting professionals are sharing innovative recruitment solutions, the ones you won’t find anywhere else. Joining this group is a good start for becoming a coding sourcer able to automate your work.

Members: 4,300+

Also on LinkedIn (270+)

Growth Hacking Recruiters

Maybe you were curious how it’s possible that some recruiters got more likes, views, and comments under a similar post that you are sharing with your audience. The small things that made a difference are called growth hacks. And this group is full of information about these growth hacking tips that will help not only recruiters but everybody who would like to get better results from their work.

Members: 6,500+


If you want to discuss serious sourcing and recruiting questions, share useful tools and articles, and tell about the best events together with having fun, SourceCon is a perfect group for you!

Members: 12,300+

Also on Linkedin (9,500+)

BadAss Recruiters & Sourcers (BARS)

Here you will find some really useful and unique content — playbooks, hacks, articles, and tools. Most importantly, BARS is also a perfect group to engage in active discussions and get professional advice.

Members: 6,200+

Recruiters Online

Professional recruiting community with strict rules — no advertising, no job posting, no service promotion. As a result, only useful content, worth trying tools, and work-related issues discussions.

Members: 22,800+

Proactive Talent Acquisition Bench Building: Sourcing Strategy

Here you will find loads of useful content, the latest blog posts from the recruiting sphere, videos, event announcements, and interesting discussions.

Members: 1,000+

HR Open Source – #HROS

#HROS is a collaborative community where you can ask questions and get expert answers. Find your sources of inspiration by getting acquainted with colleagues’ experience and get to know about useful tools and tips.

Members: 11,200+

Talent Sourcers 

A place to discuss the latest recruiting and talent sourcing news. You can share some tips on what sourcing tools or browser extensions to use, and ask for help if you have any questions regarding sourcing.

Members: 5,700+

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LinkedIn Groups

Boolean strings

One of the largest sourcing communities worldwide! In other words, here you will find everything: boolean strings for all occasions, best tools, social networks sourcing tips, and interesting materials.

Members: 44,300+

Also on Facebook (8,500+)

Strategic Sourcing

If you take strategic decisions in the sourcing/recruiting function, this group is the right place for you to learn, share, and get inspired.

Members: 47,200+

Recruiting Tools: The Sourcer’s Hangout

Not only tools you will find here, but also cool blog posts, event announcements, and industry news.

Members: 4,600+

Cool (free) tools for recruiting

Join this group and you’ll never miss another new free tool for sourcing. Here are the tools for any purpose: boolean searches, data mining tools, social media widgets, email address finders, phone number finders, people finders, and so on.

Members: 7,600+

RecruitingDaily Insiders

Industry knowledge of all forms: for instance, blog posts, events, podcasts, videos, and everything else you can imagine. Many industries thought leaders post here, it’s definitely worth following.

Members: 14,200+

HR Technologies Forum

Focused on discussing HR-related issues, this group is the right place to ask your questions and get professional answers.

Members: 46,100+

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