AmazingHiring - How To Convince Your CEO to Start Using AmazingHiring
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How To Convince Your CEO to Start Using AmazingHiring

Leaders and C-level executives are very often those who are behind every important decision about purchasing new sourcing tools. You will love our tool, but leadership wants to get the answer on “How many candidates we will have thanks to the AmazingHiring?”

We know that executives are not the actual users – sourcers and recruiters are. You requested a trial of AmazingHiring and actually tested the tool.  And fall in love because you saw the value that our tool will have for your pipeline.

And because we know that sometimes it’s not easy to convince your budget holder in your company we have put together a small guide on how to help you get AmazingHiring for your team. And show your leader that this is the perfect solution to the sourcing challenges that you are facing every day.

We know that nothing will work better than numbers. We have already written how you can get indicative results during the trial period but numbers are not the only things that leaders want to see. Now let’s take look at what and how you should present it to your manager.

The information below should be in every email that you send when you are requesting approval from the budget holder:

  • Briefly describe the tool and don’t forget to include a link to the website
  • List the business tasks that the tool will help you to solve, prove it with the results of your trial if you have analyzed them
  • Tell about the opportunities for the team to test the tool and about the onboarding process
  • Show the pricing opportunities

Sounds easy, right? ?

And because we would like to make your life easier, here is a template of the letter to the decision-maker:

Hello, Daniel!

I have just finished testing AmazingHiring – it is a search engine where we can find candidates from IT world. It helps to find, evaluate and contact these specialists. Looks like it is the tool we need! You can check this tool here but I am happy to answer any of your questions.

Why do I like AmazingHiring? These are my reasons:

  • It will help to increase the number of candidates in our pipeline – by aggregating candidates’ profiles from 50+ resources AmazingHiring finds new talents and stars we couldn’t reach on the resources we usually use

I have increased my pipeline during the trial by __% (insert your result)!

  • Improve the quality of the technical pre-screening – AmazingHiring analyzes the developers’ communities like GitHub, Stack Overflow and others, and shows candidates’ tangible skills and professional achievements.
  • Increase the response rate – there is full information about the technical stack, list of all candidate’s accounts on social and professional networks, information about the background in the candidate profile in AmazingHiring.

My response rate has increased by __% during the trial (insert your result)!

  • AmazingHiring will help to grow effectiveness of teamwork – it is possible to manage pipelines inside the system and the data is visible to all the team members. It helps to increase the team’s expertise.

Overall, I believe that this is the right tool that could help us significantly reduce our cost-per-hire and time-to-fill.

It’s possible to open demo access to all the members of our sourcing team and organize training. The manager from AmazingHiring will show how to use the tool to get the needed results.

As for the pricing, the cost depends on the number of licenses purchased. Here is the link to the pricing page.

What do you think? I would be happy to discuss it further and comment on the results of the trial in more detail.

Kind regards,

Find more IT candidates with AmazingHiring! 

AmazingHiring is an AI-based aggregator to source passive IT candidates across the web. It finds people profiles from 50+ networks like GitHub, StackOverflow, Facebook, Kaggle, etc. and provides recruiters with candidates’ professional background, contacts and social links. 

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