AmazingHiring - Sourcing Hackathon: Quiz & Answers

Sourcing Hackathon: Quiz & Answers

Sourcing Hackathon is an online game where any sourcer, beginner or pro, can compete, show their sourcing power and learn new sourcing tricks!

Hackathon masters prepare tricky questions and tasks to pick your brain and boost your sourcing skills. Normally, the time is limited and only the fastest can win!

On December 3rd, we have hosted a hackathon with Michiel Wiersma (hackathon champion) and Teddy Dimitrova ( contributor). 

In this blog, we publish hackathon questions and answers, so you can organize your own hackathon with your colleagues and friends! Let’s go! 

Question 1.

“People think that intelligence is fixed – but it isn’t.”  Where does the author of this quote and a well-known sourcing expert currently work?

1 min to solve.

Question 2.

What is the name of this guy?

2 min to solve.

Question 3.

Find the email of Andrejus Abrosimovas that he used to sign up on Linkedin.

2 min to solve.

Question 4.

This company is a global leader in smart technologies and complete lifecycle solutions for marine and energy markets. I need a corporate email of this company’s CEO.

3 min to solve.

Question 5.

Klaudio lives in London. 85% of the year he spent in an open-sourcerer. How many days off on Github did he have this March?

4 min to solve.

Question 6.

I want to marry together 4 things to get a Geek. Ali did that, and what are these 4 things?

4 min to solve.

Question 7.

Find the PGP fingerprint of abangser.

5 min to solve.

Question 8.

Java community of Central Iowa has their own president. And they called for speakers on Jan 3, 2018, in their community. Which email did they ask to use for submitting an application?

6 min to solve.


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