Talent Market Intel: Make Data Work for You

By Dana Tomenko 29.11.2021 5 minutes to read

Polish up your sourcing with our new Talent Intelligence feature — a talent market footprint represented by the set of real-time visual dashboards.

Starting to source without data for the local talent market is like trying to cross an unknown land blindfolded. Here comes the question: how to get from point A to point B the safest and fastest way?

To answer it, you need to learn first:

  • How many professionals are there? 
  • Can we find more in the adjacent cities? 
  • What skillset do they have in addition to the specified one? 
  • Do candidates have relevant current job titles? 
  • What companies should we target? 
  • What companies do candidates come from and leave for? 
  • Are there enough people with the necessary seniority level? 
  • What about education? 
  • Is the search too narrow, or are there that few prospects? 
  • Is the search too wide, or are there that many unqualified candidates?

The key to all the questions is data. Constantly updated, accurate and reliable data serves you as a last-gen GPS navigator. And we have just released one for you 🚀

Our new Talent Market Intelligence feature helps you better understand the market, discover offbeat sources to attract candidates, hone the recruiting strategy together with your hiring manager, and get more relevant candidates in the most cost-effective way. How does this work?

  1.   Explore the global talent market

Nowadays, employer competition is a pretty much ferocious battle. You have to be armed and dangerous. And having aggregate data for any location’s talent pool — candidates’ quantity, density, distribution, expertise, employment history, titles, and more — sounds essential. Absolutely crucial when it comes to entering a new market. With Talent Intelligence, you will be able to look into the talent landscape from a bird’s eye view and come up with the most efficient search strategy. 

Just create a broad search for the job role and check out the new “Intelligence” tab on the left.

  1.   Cooperate with your hiring manager

Having analyzed data, you can detect recurring patterns and trends in the talent market. This will help identify potential sourcing hurdles to discuss them with your hiring manager and, if necessary, refine the search strategy.

Moreover, you can build the search and present your hiring manager with the real numbers. At this point, you will be able to discuss whether preliminary results are satisfactory and align expectations. For instance, if the search delivers few candidates, you might consider widening the criteria, and vice versa.


Easily export the analytics and present it to your Hiring Manager in a PDF report with the “Download” option.

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  1.   Improve your searches to get more targeted pool of qualified candidates

The findings allow you to save precious time by building a more efficient search query with all important details (such as the best employers to target, locations, and skills) taken into account. With the aggregated data view in Talent Intelligence, you can access the bigger picture and adopt your strategy in a more goal-oriented and focused way to avoid wasting time on unqualified prospects.

But no more words, let’s just take a look!

How to access Talent Intelligence?

Log into AmazingHiring, create a general search for the new role and press “Search”. Then switch to the “Intelligence” tab and explore the data for the local talent pool. 

Here you will find information about the candidates’ overall experience, seniority level, how long they have been working on their current role, the size of their current employer, the industry, location, additional skills, titles, education, and many more. For some of the parameters, by default, the system shows the top 3 results, so click on the “down arrow” option to expand the list. 

If you want to narrow down the sample, use filters on the left. In order to export the report in a PDF, just choose the “Download” option at the upper right corner.

Having discussed the potential outcome with your hiring manager, start sourcing in AmazingHiring based on the info from Talent Intelligence. For example, you can start with the most specific search and target professionals from top employers in the industry. Or if you are working for a startup, you might want to target those with similar working experience. No worries, after screening the candidates’ profiles and adding them to your folder, you can exclude them and continue sourcing.

By the way, you can also get the analytics for your existing folders. You can share the folder and its aggregated report with your hiring manager as well. 

If you are a recruiting manager, you can check the candidates’ statistics for your employees’ folder and discuss the patterns. This will allow you to make more informed hiring decisions.

Just open your folder and click on the “Search in folder” button in the upper right. Go to the “Intelligence” and set the statistics for all the profiles. 

Sometimes you might need to resume sourcing for the role you have worked on before. For that purpose, you can check the market insights for your previous searches.

Open your folder and press the “Search new candidates” button. Then reset the filters on the left and go to the “Intelligence”. This way you will get an understanding of how the remaining talent pool looks and update and improve your strategy.

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Looks worth trying out, right?

Be among the first ones to see how the feature works! Request a demo of the platform with the promo code TALENT on the demo request page, and our colleagues will show you how to use the Talent Intelligence.

If you are already our user please contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss the details. Let’s start a new sourcing journey in the safest, fastest, and most cost-effective way 💫

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