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Contributing author Dana Tomenko Creative Copywriter
Dana is an HR-tech enthusiast who has been working with tech recruiters and provided customer feedback through feature requests and by working closely with the Product Team. Dana like nobody else knows what IT recruiters' needs are and covers these topics in her articles.

It is no secret that most recruiters source candidates only on LinkedIn. Some of them use Boolean to find professionals who do not update or do not even have their social profiles at all. The next step forward here is to use metasearch engines to cover more sources and, thus, get more results. Metasearch Engines […]

According to the Stack Overflow “2020 Developer Survey”, 83% of developers are not actively looking for a job and thus, can be qualified as passive candidates. It is no secret that most technical candidates hardly ever update their resumes or even publish CVs on job-related websites. Given that 95% of recruiters globally use LinkedIn to […]

In just a few years the world has changed so much that it took us a huge effort to accept the new reality and adapt to it. Putting aside everything we have been bearing, it merits saying that things are slowly getting better and to some extent, we have managed to adjust. Yet, the world […]

Polish up your sourcing with our new Talent Intelligence feature — a talent market footprint represented by the set of real-time visual dashboards. Starting to source without data for the local talent market is like trying to cross an unknown land blindfolded. Here comes the question: how to get from point A to point B […]

A recruiter’s job is sometimes extremely tough. It is a fast-moving industry with an incredible level of competition among thousands of companies for top talent. Getting through a recruiting funnel might take many months, especially if it comes to finding senior specialists. Hours of sourcing and screening, hundreds of often not enough qualified applicants, dozens […]