Tech Sourcing Course

Tech sourcers are in the huge demand on the market. 83% of CEOs struggle to fill IT roles. Together with the top sourcing practitioners, we educate recruiters on how to source the best tech candidates.

July 21

Career Acceleration Course: From Recruiter to Manager

The purpose of the course is to give sourcers an overview and techniques of how to build a sourcing team and manage sourcing process to reach the business goals. The purpose of the course is to give sourcers an overview and techniques of how to build a sourcing team and manage sourcing process to reach the business goals.

August 4

Hacks for Sourcing Geeks

This webinar is created for the experienced sourcers who would like to learn some new modern sourcing hacks!


Recruitment trends in a post COVID-19 world

This year, the whole world changed. Right from sourcing and screening, to showcasing company culture and providing onboarding experience, everything has become a remote process for many businesses. In this webinar, Jan Tegze and Eva Baluchova discuss the emerging trends and share the best practices to handle the remote recruitment processes.


How to Engage Passive Tech Candidates

Hung Lee, curator of the Recruiting Brainfood newsletter shares his approach to contact and engage tech candidates. Hung also gives recommendations on how to assess IT talents. 


How Do I Source Tech Candidates

AmazingHiring launched a new Q&A segment: “How Do I Source Tech Candidates?” with the best sourcers from all over the world. Mark Lundgren was our first guest. 


Sourcing Hacks

Sourcing now is the main way to get more information about a potential candidate. It makes communication faster and more productive. Still not all IT recruiters source, so if you do – then you surely have a competitive advantage.


How to Write Emails to Tech Candidates

According to StackOverflow’s recent research, the developers believe that email is the best channel to communicate with technical candidates. In this webinar, we will go through the essentials to be kept in mind when emailing people for the first time – so-called cold emails – and share some tips and tricks that may help to […]


Iterative Sourcing Approach Zoomed and Detailed

Since a while, it became obvious that candidate sourcing involves proactive searching. The exclusive sourcing tactics of iterated approach can save your time considerably. As soon as you get the basic logic of it, you can apply this search method wherever you’re looking for profiles.


2 Skills Every Recruiter Should Master in 2019

2019 is definitely going to be an exciting year for recruiters. And it is going to bring new challenges, not only because of A.I. becoming better, but also because many countries are currently seeing the lowest unemployment rate in their history, meaning, for recruiters and sourcers, the competition on the market is growing every day. 


Recruitment vs. GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years. This webinar will be really helpful in case you still have some uncertainty in the interpretation of some of the new GDPR rules.


Sourcing as a Business Function

Who is a sourcer? Why do we need the sourcing function? What tools and technologies do we need to plan it? As sourcing is quite a new business in general – and a very fast-growing one – it might be still in the process of making, even for the companies that have implemented it quite […]

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