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It has been 64% more searches of DevOps on the AmazingHiring platform at the end of this year compared to the beginning of 2021. Lots of companies are struggling to find DevOps engineers locally, especially since this is a type of job that cannot be fully remote. We’ve collected some data from AmazingHiring platform to […]

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A recruiter’s job is sometimes extremely tough. It is a fast-moving industry with an incredible level of competition among thousands of companies for top talent. Getting through a recruiting funnel might take many months, especially if it comes to finding senior specialists. Hours of sourcing and screening, hundreds of often not enough qualified applicants, dozens […]

If you are in the business of talent acquisition, chances are you are keen to cut down time spent on manually intensive tasks. We all know, the longer the recruitment process the higher the cost. Sometimes it can feel that sourcing strategies can be bogged down with complex tools that can take time to master. […]

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace bring many benefits and opportunities to the company. Implementing the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategy will help to build top teams with diverse talent that will push a company to more success.  Studies have shown that companies with diverse teams have higher financial returns. Moreover, diverse companies are […]

What the data tells about the 2021 tech labor market While 2020 was a year of layoff announcements and the supply of engineering talent exceeding the demand, at the end of 2020 Microsoft predicted a five-fold increase in the total number of tech-oriented jobs across the world. They were not mistaken. 2021 can now be […]

Sourcing is the key in the hiring process, as it helps the recruiter to find relevant information about the right candidates with experience and skills a company needs. With sourcing, it’s easier to identify if the candidate is actively looking for a job or not. At first, sourcing may seem like a very overwhelming and […]

“As a talent sourcer, it has always been our duty to find unorthodox search methods.” – says Nadine Naidoo of MatcHR (and the author of this part of our Guide for Building and Scaling Sourcing in Fast-Paced Organizations). While talent sourcing grows globally, talent acquisition teams have been investing in tools to ensure that the […]

When looking for exceptional talent, turning passive candidates into active ones is one of the things recruiting departments focus on. However, everyone knows how much harder it is to reach out to passive candidates than to people who are actively searching for a job.  Still, there is no need to say that pursuing passive candidates […]

For Recruitment Leaders in big companies, managing freelance sourcers may be a huge part of day-to-day operations. In this entry to our Guide for Building and Scaling Sourcing in Fast-Paced Organizations, we decided to take a look at the job of a manager of a freelance sourcer from both manager’s and freelancer’s perspectives. We’ll be using help from Vanessa Raath, a freelance sourcer, global talent sourcing trainer, career brand specialist, and coach who kindly agreed to do this interview. 

Nowadays recruiting top talent is harder than ever, as the competition between companies only grows. Sourcing requires new creative solutions and going beyond the traditional hiring process. Recruiters should use ways that would attract the right people, who will eventually join great teams in tech companies. Social media channels serve as unique platforms, where tech […]

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